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PEDSIM Demo Application

Introduction and purpose of the Demo Application

Originally, PEDSIM was a monolithic software package that was capable to read simple scenario definitions from a file and run the crowd simulation. This was PEDSIM version 1.x. For version 2.x, PEDSIM has been separated into a library and the Demo Application. These two pieces of software do more or less the same as PEDSIM Version 1.x, but with less import/export and scenario analysis features.

The main focus of development is on the PEDSIM library, since it is assumed that interested users are quickly able to develop their own software using the library. The Demo Application is still being maintained, but no longer extended. Its purpose is now to show how libpedsim can be used in a flexible way. It uses OOP inheritance to achive a tighter integration. These offers possibilities beyond what is presented in the code examples.

At the same time the Demo App is used as a manual integration test case. The library contains unit and user acceptance tests, based on the Google test framework. These tests are run automatically and are supposed to cover all possible aspects of failure. However, I believe that in the end a human has to look at the output of the system and judge if everything still looks sane. This is what the Demo Application is used for internally.

The scenario input features mentioned above are still a good starting point for your own small experiments. It is possible to define a scenario by writing a simple XML file, and use the user interface to quickly play with the various forces of the underlying model.

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Qt is needed to compile and run the demo application! See the installation documentation on Linux and Windows for more information regarding compillation of the source code.

Please note that (at least for the time being) the DemoApp does not link libpedsim dynamically using the .dll on Windows or the .so library on Linux respectively. This is due to bug related to incompatible compiler versions or settings in Qt and msvc15, which is often used to compile the library on Windows.

The source of libpedsim is directly included in the DemoApp Qt project file. This means that there is no need to compile the library separately at the moment. Compiling the DemoApp will also compile and statically link the library into the code. No need to link the library, or specify its location.

This method of including libpedsim can also be used by your own project. Make sure you do not violate the terms of the GPL doing this, e.g. by including the library source into your commercial projects. (Linking the library is OK under the terms of the LGPL.)

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