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libPEDSIM Documentation
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Using PEDSIM on Linux

These are some notes regardng setting up a Linux development system for PEDSIM. If you have written software before, you might have everything needed in place already.

Basically you need a C++ compiler to compile libpedsim (the core library of PEDSIM). Graphical bits of the ecosystem folder require Qt5 - see here https://www.qt.io/developers/. Other compilers might work - make sure they support C++11.

C++ Compiler

I personally use gcc version 5.4.0 on a Linux Mint system. gcc 4.8 probably works just fine.

Preparing a system for software development

You should be root for these steps:

sudo -s

First install the C++ compiler:

aptitude install gcc g++

For the graphical bits install Qt5:

aptitude install qt5-default qt5-qmake qt5-style-plugins

If you want to update the PEDSIM documentation, you need Doxygen and, if you want pdf output, LaTeX:

aptitude install doxygen
aptitude install texlive-full

Good luck!

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