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3-Dimensional Visualizer

The 3-dimensional visualizer is a separate application that can be used to visualize the output of a PEDSIM simulation run. It listens on a network socket for update information (agent positions, but also dynamic scene definitions.), which are rendered in real-time. This is perfectly suited to observe stand-allone simulations or optimizations which take a long time to run. Also nice for demonstrations, where the visualizer is installed on the machine connected to the beamer, and the simulation runs on a separate host.

The difference between the two visualizers is that [2dvis](2-Dimensional Visualizer) is intended for displaying a technical view of the scenario, while 3dvis show a "real" view. 3dvis does not render the scenario realistically in any way - however, it only shows what would be visible in real live - i.e. no waypoints or forces.

3dvis is built on Qt. You need Qt 5.7 or above with Qt3D (might be included, check when you install Qt). See further documenation for compiling on Linux and Windows.


3dvis is always started in network mode, where it listens to incoming data packets on the specified UDP port. In contrast to 2dvis, it can not render file based input.


Video generation

There is no built in video generation mode for 3dvis. In order to caputre a video from a 3dvis animation, use a 3rd party capture tool, ideally one that supports your 3D graphics card natively.

Supported XML tags

See here for a list of valid XML tags. However, 3dvis does not render all tags. It only renders objects that have a physical representation, e.g. agents or obstacles.

3dvis is a 3-dimensional visualizer for PEDSIM
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