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This software is free software:
You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.
However, the software is dual-licensed and is also available under a Commercial License.

PEDSIM: libpedsim and the Demo Application

Latest snapshot and most recent stable release. This is the place you want to start.

Latest Version
Have a look at the Demo Application and download the libpedsim library here - both are included in these packages. All you need to include PEDSIM into your own application. You can access the documentation online. Developed and tested using gcc (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.8.1-10ubuntu9). Reportedly NetBeans 7.4 is able to compile it nicely under Windows 8.1. Make sure your compiler supports C++11.
Repo Snapshot Generated directly out of the source repository. Contains the latest updates. Usually well tested, but nevertheless, bugs might slip through. Linux and Windows. pedsim-20140302.tar.gz
Version 2.3 This is the latest stable version of PEDSIM. All features are in a clean state and the library is consistent. However, it can be quite old. If you are interested in the latest features use the repo snapshot.
Released 2014-02-11. Version 2.3 contains mostly small fixes accumulated over time, but notably one big patch provided by Sven Wehner. The model is now in line again with the publications by Prof. Helbing and his team.

Old PEDSIM Packages

Warning: Here be dragons. Do not download anything from this section unless you have a good reason.

Older Versions
Use only if you know what you are doing. Usually, the latest version or even the repo snapshot is what you need..
Version 2.2 Released 2012-05-23. Release Notes: The spatial representation of the agents in the scene is now done using a quadtree. This improves performance if there are many agents. It is now also possible to define the scenario of the simulation in a config file. A simple XML syntax defines obstacles/walls, agents, and waypoints. libpedsim-2-2-bin.tar.gz
Version 2.1 Released 2012-01-20. Release Notes: The project was separated into a library and a demo application. The library (libpedsim) can now be used to include pedestrian dynamics into any user application. The demo application can be used for small pedestrian studies, and serves as an example about how to use libpedsim. libpedsim-2-1-bin.tar.gz

Old Distributions, packaged differently
This application demonstrates the basics of PEDSIM. It should work with any recent Linux and Windows distribution. If you do not know where to start, download this package and look what pedsim can do.
Linux Binary Edition - Requires recent Qt libraries. Use your package manager. pedsim-demo-linux.tar.gz
Windows Binary Edition - All DLLs included pedsim-demo-win32.zip
Source Code (included in the library source package, requires the Qt SDK) pedsim-20140302.tar.gz

PedSim 0.99 stand-alone package
PEDSIM 0.99 contains the core of the pedestrian simulation system: the physical simulation with the basic forces. It's possible to run PEDSIM 0.99 without any additional software. However, in order to observe the output comfortably, you will need additional packages. This package is quite old! It might not run on newer systems. However, if you are interested in the internals of the PedSim package, or social-force based crowd simulations in general, have a look at this source code.
At sourceforge, or here pedsim-0.9999.tar.gz

TCP Multicasting Daemon
A tcp multicasting daemon. Accepts tcp connections and distributes all the data received to all incoming connections. This daemon also sorts xml-based events. It is used to couple a visualizer to the PedSim 0.99 core package.
Available for Linux/Unix only: tcp-mc-1.0.tar.gz

2-dimensional Visualizer
A simple, 2-dimensional visualizer that can be used to look at a simulation in real-time. This visualizer is used in combination with PedSim 0.99. Since the PedSim Demo App includes its own GUI with built-in visualizer, there is usually no need to download this package.
Available for Linux/Unix only, uses GTK+: 2dvis-2.2.tar.gz

This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.

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